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5 Benefits of Photorealistic 3D Rendering for Furniture Industry

Gone are the days when furniture manufacturers used to ask what is 3D rendering services?

In recent years 3D furniture rendering services have emerged to be an essential cross-industry marketing solution for not only furniture but real estate, manufacturing & industrial goods as well. The infinite variations and numerous advantages 3D photorealistic rendering offers together make the visual experience that is incredibly close to reality.

3D rendering service providers are well versed with the demands of the interior design industry, where attention to detail is one of the biggest challenges that furniture manufacturers face when it comes to wooden floors, windows, office furniture, interior furniture, fitted kitchens, sinks, bathrooms, taps, bathtubs, showers, etc.

Talking particularly about the furniture industry; the use of 3D visualization services has moved ahead from luxury to become a necessity. This is an effort to put together the top 5 benefits of photorealistic rendering services to the furniture industry:

1. Imagination is the only drawback of photorealism

Furniture manufacturers are well aware of the direct correlation between the quality of 3D product design and the amount of revenue, and hence; resort to 3D rendering solutions without giving it a second thought.

The furniture industry has been apt enough to reap the benefits of photorealistic 3D product rendering in sales and marketing of their furniture, interior pieces, fixtures, dwelling and even materials.

3D rendering services help in actually visualizing furniture products, with help of techniques that make created visuals realistic. Three-dimensional rendering empowers furniture manufacturers to showcase their products and décor in the best light, as against the challenges they used to face with traditional photography staging.

2. Extracting elements of the decor

With the help of this technology, interior designing firms not able create 3D walkthrough and flythrough for their clients to get a feel of actually moving around the project, they go to the extent of creating architectural floor plans. In such scenarios, they are required to extract some of the elements of the décor to promote it separately.

Best 3D furniture rendering companies conveniently create disparate environments to meet requirements of varied users and customer without repeating the staging process. Interior design rendering services, with help of 3D rendering, empower manufacturers with comprehensive control on variations when it comes to promotional tools.

3. Save time

3D visualization companies can make sketches and models faster and more easily, saving the most valuable currency - TIME. Furniture manufacturers are facing the challenges of their product yet being in production, but are already required to have future furniture collection and use them in their catalog and for advertisement.

3D rendering service providers in India, help them not to waste time, instead expect outgrowth from this challenge. 3D furniture models with help of rendering have made it possible to produce marketing material even before the product samples become available. It is all about the time. Furniture manufacturers no more need to dedicate time towards product samples instead can focus on other aspects such as new clients and projects.

4. Change of mind and conscious

There comes a time when the need of the hour is to go back and change style along the way. Only 3D rendering gives that opportunity to change the mind, along with a change in color, location, product, landscape, light…it can be anything and everything.

5. Cost-effectiveness

Furniture manufacturers often ask questions like:

  • Is there a cost advantage of using 3D rendering services?
  • What is the cost of 3D product rendering?
  • What is 3D rendering cost per hour?
  • What are 3D rendering prices in India?
  • Is there any 3D visualization price list available online?

The answer to any and all of these questions obviously depends on the needs of furniture manufacturers and varies case by case basis. But a majority of cases witnessed saved costs as against traditional photo shoots, in addition to facilitating design work. No need to rent a studio, hire a photographer and pay thousands of dollars for just a couple of pictures from your catalog.

Transform the way furniture is viewed, designed and advertised

The inclination towards 3D furniture renderings is growing day by day, due to the real benefits for both furniture manufacturers and customers as well. Product renderings empower furniture manufacturers to spend money on marketing more effectively while saving more on product development.

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