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A Streamline Features of CPQ for Growing Sales Processes

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CPQ is the preferred “go to” tool in the market today as it offers a better understanding of customer needs and assists them to act quickly. It allows greater precision, accuracy, speed, and improvement in every aspect of the sales cycles; starting from product pricing to complex product configurations.


The exceptional Automated Quoting and Pricing Management feature of CPQ ensures that quotes are automatically updated as and when customers configure their orders. It also provides a multi-platform support along with insights into the behavior of potential customers by analyzing large sets of data in response to how they react to different prices.


Upselling and Cross Selling features of CPQ shorten the sale cycle by enabling customers to self-configure products as per their requirements, get instant quotes while providing relevant product options to help customers make smart decisions.


The future of CPQ is extremely promising with the ability to integrate AI with CPQ. This will make business analysis much easier, faster, and cost effective, while providing real-time transparency.

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