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Speed up Design Customization with Pressure Tank DriveWorks Configurator

Design Automation engineers at TrueCADD developed a tank configurator for a process equipment manufacturer in the US to fasten the process of custom model creation of the pressure vessel and its accessories.

Challenges - Accelerate sales, design and manufacturing cycle times
  • Automate the entire process beginning from query to design stage.
  • Capture maximum possible options in the master model which are available, related to design of the pressure vessel.
  • Activate the real time pricing according to the selected configuration.
Design automation solutions to help manufacturers boost profitability

The team implemented DriveWorks to automate the aforementioned time consuming process. They prepared the master model in such a way that a range of pressure vessels designs can be generated within a few minutes.

It can create error-free manufacturing drawings as per the custom needs requested by the client. The predefined logical rules of the product configurator can capture the design intelligence from the master models and create a new custom model each time a new request is generated.

The quotation gets auto generated as per the selected features in the configurator and it is sent to the client through email. Only when the client approves the quotation, the model gets generated. And along with that, it also generates a BOM and detailed drawing, ready enough to get the vessel manufactured on the shop floor.

  • One can configure the entire vessel from selection of material to selection of paint and hence extending capabilities for customization.
  • Quoting and designing time was reduced drastically.
  • As there is no human intervention in the entire designing process, the error ratio in manufacturing was reduced by a significant amount.

If you want to automate your process equipment designs with DriveWorks, get in touch with our experts now

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