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What Design Software is best for Carpentry and Cabinetmaking?

Over years of experience in furniture design and manufacturing industry, I have seen considerable change that technology brought into the system over time. My holistic viewpoint says “Autodesk inventor” is an unparalleled choice in software for woodworking and cabinet making services. Inventor for Woodwork is Autodesk’s furniture manufacturing design 3D CAD application.

Autodesk Inventor makes it all the more easy to create custom millwork detail drawings for kitchen cabinets, counters, racks, shelves and many more. Custom millwork detailed drawings created with Autodesk Inventor are known to precisely meet contractors and manufacturer’s tooling capacity.

Which are the distinct features of Inventor that make it a preferred choice across furniture industry?

Dedicated Woodwork Libraries for Hardware and material:

Each fitting in woodworking extensions like mini-fix, dowels and screws has their own cutting data. If you turn on the fixing library it will automatically take up the fixed whole size, and thus holes can be easily generated.

Collaboration and sheet optimization:

In Autodesk inventor you can share reviews, comment, read views of multiple users of the model for easy collaboration on your own models and deigns online.

Integration with business data managing platforms like ERP, CRM, PLM:

With multiple data entering into the system from multiple data managing platforms, it is difficult to keep a track of associative links between native and non-native CAD data.

Modelling as per requirement:

With the right kind of modeling every job can be done as per flexible modeling, direct modeling and free-form modeling. If it’s a free-form or parametric you can always scale, rotate or resize the features as per the requirement of the project.

What makes Inventor a prime necessity for the furniture industry?

  • Furniture designs are very complex and complicated to sketch on paper
  • Clients or customer demands bespoke or customized designs
  • Need for generating multiple CNC cut files for production
  • Flexibility to make changes in your designs as per the need even at the last minute without much rework
  • Investing tedious production time resulting from multiple rework designs
  • Creating cutting tickets that include tasks like lamination, trimming, grain direction

Autodesk Inventor is the most preferred software because it optimizes the performance by efficiently handling complex models, with no hardware limitations. Also, inventor is used worldwide and hence there is a need of specialized professionals who has an expertise in operating inventor methodically.

Outsourcing carpentry and cabinetmaking designs to firms with skilled Inventor specialists and access to latest version of software to meticulously handle complex projects is advisable. If you are stuck with your initial phase of CAD drawings or need assistance in any design or drafting related services, get in touch with skilled CAD experts.

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